Are you “Good Busy” or just “Busy, Busy”?

Good Busy or Busy Busy
Good Busy or Busy Busy?

I’m fond of asking busy people if they are “Good Busy” or just “Busy, Busy”. Good Busy means that there is a direct revenue upside to the work that you’re doing. Busy, Busy simply means that you’ve got loads of stuff that needs doing, but it isn’t necessarily bringing home the bacon. Don’t get me wrong, Busy, Busy is a by-product of any business – planning, strategizing, product development, admin etc. all needs to be done. That’s a given. It’s just that, as a businessperson,

I’d ALWAYS much rather be Good Busy than Busy, Busy.

Pineapple Busy

So, what do you do when your business has been negatively affected by issues not of your own making and out of your control – like this Covid pandemic? Besides crying into your pineapple beer or trying to figure out which lockdown and loadshedding schedule you are on; how do you find Good Busy things to do? Even so, how do you avoid the potential trap of becoming only Busy, Busy (or even worse – not being busy at all)?

Here’s what I (mostly) do to try and become Good Busy when the situation isn’t looking too rosy. I tend to circle back on the mostly Busy, Busy things I’ve been doing for the last while (see by-products mentioned above). Sometimes I go back just a few days, weeks or months, but often I go back a year or even longer.

I go through my email inbox, folders AND sent items, my diary, my notes, my contacts, my WhatsApp messages, my social media pages and the newsletters/articles I’ve filed but not read. I scan the various associations I’m a member of (and some I am not) to get updates on anything that could now be relevant to my business. And why do I do that? Because in amongst all that lot is bound to be an opportunity – some good old low hanging fruit.


Someone or something will jump out at you.

A question you were asked about a product, an idea that you were pitched, an appointment that you missed or an idea that you dismissed but whose time may now have come. Somewhere in that lot should be something to get you Good Busy.

Things change

But it’s not always easy. It’s often not obvious what to look out for. You have to be creative. You have to think about your business in the here and now relative to the information you are reviewing. Think about how the conversation that you didn’t have back then IS a conversation that is worth listening to now. The idea that didn’t have merit then that HAS at least some merit now.

Things change. People change. Technology always bloody changes. Apply yourself. Amongst all the information that is right under your nose there’s bound to be the nub of an idea that you can revisit, reassess, revise and re-pitch. To be Good Busy you have to fish where the fish are.

I spent the second half of 2020 being really Busy, Busy. We rebranded our company and created a stand-alone digital ecosystem under our new Go.See.Do. brand speaking directly to visitors on multiple platforms. Our website was built with unique content, blogs, listings, news and featured articles, we started publishing a regular newsletter and have ongoing social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

We created a digital “contactless” solution for our 3,500 visitor information boards around the country and rolled out various QR code driven options for consumers. Like I said, I was Busy, Busy.

Visitors Info
Visitor Information

But now it’s time to get Good Busy.

It’s time to unlock the value that we’ve been Busy, Busy creating. I’m doing all of the above because many of our clients don’t know

  • that we’re now Go.See.Do. South Africa,
  • we have a whole new digital product offering,
  • that we have contactless options at visitor information display boards and
  • we have no real competitor nationally speaking to the same audience.

There’s a lot of new opportunities amongst all the Busy, Busy stuff I’ve been doing to get really Good Busy.

So, If you want to get Good Busy with us or want us to make life Good Busy for you, please feel free to email me on or on +27(0)82 880 55986 (voice, message or WhatsApp). Let’s have a conversation. If you have any questions or want to find out more click here for Go.See.Do. Display information and specifications or click here for Go.See.Do. Digital information and specifications.

Let’s get Good Busy again.

Instagram Busy