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Aunty Nita's

Why “Aunty Nita’s….”?

Aunty Nita

“Aunty” is a term of respect and endearment for ladies in our communities.  It is used not only for your mommy or daddy’s sister, but also for any older woman with whom you come into contact.  You will often hear mommies asking their children, “Did you greet Aunty So-&-So?”  As a result, any woman who is not your mother, or your teacher, becomes your “Aunty” – your neighbour, your mommy’s friend, your friend’s mommy, etc., etc.

Given the tight-knit nature of communities in many townships on the Cape Flats, Aunties belong to all the neighbourhood children, and all the children belong to them.  As a result, they have the right to discipline you like your mother would if she were around! 

When mommy is not around, Aunty is the next best thing.  Aunty’s are much loved, pillars of the community who take pride in their roles as surrogate nurturers, care-givers; news reporter, security guards, and so much more.

My name is Anita and I am an older women, living in what was formerly known as a “Coloured Township” on the Cape Flats.  My neighbourhood kids call me “Aunty Nita” (short for Anita)…so, what better name for a company striving to showcase what the “Coloured” or mixed race community of Cape Town has to offer to South Africa, and to the world as a whole.

By the way, it’s all about the pronunciation!  It’s about the way you say it…while you’re on the tour, listen to the lingo of those around you and you will hear the difference!

About Aunty Nita’s

Aunty Nita’s is a Tour Operator showcasing an otherwise untapped aspect of Cape Culture. It is owned and operated by none other than Aunty Nita herself. 

Anita Hermanus was born and grew up on the Cape Flats.  She spent her formative years in the very streets she now shares so passionately with anyone who wants to listen.  Anita is married to Leon, and together they have 2 children.

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Like most people on the Cape Flats, Aunty Nita loves sharing this stunning city of Cape Town and the beauty of her community with travellers, who will have become family by the time they leave.

“I am born and bred in the beautiful city of Cape Town, in the shadow of the magnificent Table Mountain, at the foot of Africa.  I love Cape Town and its people and have a deep desire to share the depth of talent, potential, skill, diversity and perseverance which is such a big part of who we are; as we strive to take our place in what is the “Rainbow Nation” of South Africa. 

Aunty Nita’s Tours is my open invitation to anyone wanting to experience the road less travelled – to not only see the Cape Flats from Table Mountain, or to whizz past on the highway, but to be immersed in it; to be a part of the sights, sounds and experiences of the Mother City, from the perspective of someone who has grown up there.

Sharing Cape Town and more specifically, life on the Cape Flats, with anyone who will visit, is therefore a way for me to merge my love of the city, and my desire to showcase it.”

Through Aunty Nita’s I aim to tastefully and respectfully share the diversity which makes the Cape Flats such a colourful place to visit.    

Free Walking Tours

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Aunty Nita cut her teeth as a guide doing walking tours through the Mother City, and loved it!!  It was therefore only natural for her to include this in any venture she embarked on, hence we now offer two Free Walking Tours in Cape Town as well.

Meet us at African Gems and Minerals, Green Market Square daily for a 90 min experience to blow your mind.  Our exceptional Tourist Guides love what they do and enjoy pounding the pavements to share the secrets of the Mother City with you.

We offer two tours:

10:30 & 15:30 daily – Cultural Tour of the Bokaap; and

13:00 daily – A Walk Through Time

Our tours run daily, irrespective of the weather and our guides work on Tips only, so be generous!

For more information, contact:

Cel: +27 82 572 7377



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