Babble Lights Up With Pamela’s Power


Babble are a team of young arts enthusiasts who want to open up the world of arts and literature for everyone to enjoy easily, for free, and internationally. They conduct interviews with authors and artists who you may not have heard before, and spotlight the many up-and-coming and new voices that they believe are thoroughly deserving of exposure, and who arguably don’t get enough of it. 

When Megan Thomas interviewed South African author Pamela Power for Babble, Megan was in summery London and Pamela was in a chilly Johannesburg. As we publish this, the weather roles have reversed, but the babble between them will either warm you up like a cosy fire or cool you down like a breath of fresh air no matter where in the world you’re joining us from. 

The interview covers all manner of topics, from writing scripts which are translated into multiple languages (there are 11 official languages in South Africa), to the writer’s loss of autonomy that takes place when agents, publishers and fictional characters with a life of their own get involved.

Watch the interview below or listen to the PODCAST here. Enjoy!