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Your 10 most searched Coronavirus questions answered

Google has done a roundup of the most frequently searched coronavirus questions in South Africa. Understandably, people are panicking, causing a lot of search interest in South Africa. Here are the most frequently searched questions in South Africa, with their answers:

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Thinking of cancelling your travel plans because of COVID-19? Read this first.

These are uncertain times indeed. With COVID-19 spreading across the world, numerous countries have issued travel bans and advisories. Because of that, there’s one question we all have in our heads: Should I travel?

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Coronavirus symptoms: how quickly they show – and what to look for

The new coronavirus is spreading fast. More than 94,000 people are known to be infected, and nearly 3,200 deaths have been recorded worldwide. The bulk of new cases being recorded each day are now outside China, and the virus is spreading at some speed across Europe.

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A Coronavirus Guide for Older Adults (And Their Family Advocates)

It’s hard enough getting old, what with all of the creeping ailments—diabetes, COPD, dementia, heart disease—that come along with age. Now add a novel coronavirus to the mix. But the virus doesn’t hit all demographics equally hard—and seniors are the most vulnerable.

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