Dancing in the rain

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Life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

Yes, yes, except I’m tired of the bloody rain now. Also, in Joburg, if we tried this, we’d probably get electrocuted in some big-ass lightning strike. It is true, however, about taking time to appreciate the little things and to find moments of joy in every day. In this spirit, although the Lastborn still had two more exams to go, we had a leetle celebration after her LAST EVER Afrikaans paper and went off to Turn ‘n Tender in Parktown North for dins.

As an immigrant (I am South African but I was brought up in Zimbabwe – just clarifying before the Dudula peeps come for me). Okay, I’ve now lost my train of thought. What was I saying? Oh yes, I never studied Afrikaans cause I arrived here in Standard 9 (AKA Grade 11) – so I got to do French – which in spite of having a French grandpere, I was spectacularly bad at. I remember sitting in those oral exams and saying three things:

  1. Oui
  2. Non
  3. Je ne comprend pas

So, yes, I both felt the pain of the offspring and felt slightly guilty that I had passed on my lack of talent with languages to them. Luckily, we found THE MOST brilliant Afrikaans tutor who in our house is referred to as Auntie June Cox. Since covid she now does online tutoring and she is quite wonderful. My kids would not have got through Afrikaans without her. You can email her at junekcox@gmail.com.

In the new section at Turn n Tender
In the new section at Turn n Tender

It’s obviously been a while since we ate at T ‘n T in Parktown North because I did not know they had extended the place, it’s looking so good and the food was divine, they also do really nice wines by the glass, so you don’t have to order a whole bottle and get shitfaced. The only downer was the chocolate mousse which was an abomination unto the lord and tasted more like chocolate icing. What was hilarious was that the one waiter came past our table and saw that we hadn’t eaten the mousse and said:

“I don’t like it either. If I’d been your waiter, I would’ve told you not to have it.”


What I thought was kind was how the manager made us wait inside for our uber just to be safe. Little touches like that are so appreciated.

The husband was in Nairobi this past week and got back full of stories and with some beautiful fabric for us which is supposed to be used for wraps but which I immediately thought would make a great tablecloth for Christmas. He said the people were thoroughly lovely. Well, except for the one conference delegate who kept on trying to shake him down for cash and when the husband said he didn’t have cash on him, said no problemo, ewallet would be fine. LOL!! There was also a pilot’s strike at Kenyan Airways so some peeps had to via Doha and took 18 plus hours for a journey that should’ve taken 4. Not fun.

Christmas table cloth no
Christmas table cloth, no?

TV recommendations:

I find now that there is so much choice that unless something REALLY captivates me, I will watch one episode and move on which makes me sad for the producers of whichever series it is that I’ve abandoned. Luckily, I haven’t abandoned any this week. I started watching Bad Sisters on Apple after I managed to locate my password. Love the Irishness of it all (I am half-Irish) and the humour and the way it showcases Ireland is brilliant.

Also gobbled up The Staircase on Netflix which has a stellar cast including Colin Firth and Toni Collette.

The Staircase

Aside: the Lastborn, who is a rabid rugby fan, came into the room as I was watching it, saw Colin Firth and said “he looks just like Rassie Erasmus.”

Me *slightly put out*: Oh, beautiful Colin Firth. He was so sexy in Pride and Prejudice.

Lastborn: Rassie is beautiful too.

I agreed that Rassie is beautiful too – especially when he is drunk-dancing to Sister Bettina – and everyone was happy.

The Staircase is the story of Michael Peterson who went to jail for killing his wife. I watched the doccie of this and thought Mikey came across as a complete narcissist and psychopath and the series is just confirming that. To be involved in two instances when women just happen to fall down the stairs and die seems like far too much of a coincidence to me. Watch it and see what you think.

Book recommendations:

The Quarry Girls by Jess Lourey. This is based on the true story of the teenage girls who went missing in Lourey’s native Minnesota in 1977. I read Jess’s previous book Unspeakable Things and liked it very much which is why I bought this one. Filled with twists and turns but not at all sensational, this is written from the POV of the victims and focuses on the claustrophobia and thin veneer of respectability of a small town which covers up what is really happening both literally and figuratively underneath (there are a series of tunnels underneath the town). I found the book totally captivating and read late into the night to finish it (late into the night for me is 11.15).

The Quarry Girls

Reminder that the Awesome Foursome will be doing taking part in the President’s Book Club. Yes, Oom Cyril ADORED Chasing Marian and wants to share his love of it with everyone. (Not really. This is just something I like telling myself.)

Virtual Reading Club

What is true is that we are taking part in the virtual book club. It’s on the 24th November, from 4.30-6.30 pm – the same day the Lastborn finishes her matric exams so I could well be on the (light) champagne. Register here https://nrc.org.za/

Happy Birthday Mr President

Also, Happy 70th Birthday for yesterday, Mr. President! That’s A LOT of candles to blow out.

Lastly, if you are doing your Christmas shopping, books are a great option – especially a signed book. Exclusive Books have a lovely catalogue. Check it out. You may want to just buy a couple for yourself too, cause you deserve it. Happy reading! Xxx

Ps…even if I do say so myself, Chasing Marian makes a great holiday read. If you haven’t bought a copy already, go forth and buy! One for yourself and one for a friend…

Exclusive Books