ICBB – I Couldn’t Be Bothered

ICBB - Twitter

There’s so much innovation around these days that it’s hard to keep up. As a result, we are often information rich and time poor. Our attention span, in the digital era, is getting shorter and shorter -140 characters on Twitter, 10 seconds on TikTok, a quick Blue Tick on WhatsApp etc. etc. It stands to reason that when you’re communicating with anyone, but especially with a current or a potential customer, you need to make things short, simple and easy for them.

That said, some innovation seems to make things MORE complicated rather than less complicated. Why is that? I now find that I often get to the point where ICBB. ICBB? I Couldn’t Be Bothered.

What do I mean?

ICBB - Phone Pad

Well, think about those dreaded telephone voice prompts. “If you want red, press #1, if you want blue, press #2, if you want green, press #3, for more options, press #0”. You want black, so you press 0, or so you thought. “We did not receive your preference, if you want red, press #1, if you want blue, press #2, if you want green, press#3, for more options, press #0”. So, you hit 0, not once, but 3 times just to be sure. “You have selected an incorrect option, if you want red…” oh well, ICBB, and I hang up.

ICBB - Online Form

Another example is online forms. First, you can’t find the damn form. Then, after asking Google where the form is (because when you phone you get the bloody voice prompts (SEE ABOVE) and after 15 minutes you have no form), you have the option to fill it in online or to print it and scan/email it back (OR fax it back – who even has a fax?). So, you fill it in online. But it’s 3 pages long. And then, right at the very bottom, it says SIGNATURE.

But it’s an online form. So, you try to save it, but you lose all your info and have to start again. Same with the printed form. Should it be printed in colour? How do you fill in blocks that are too small to see? When you scan and save it, what do you call the document? Then where or who do you send it to? Maybe Google knows because the phone is not an option (SEE ABOVE) and websites these days don’t have contact details – they have another online form for queries!! Seriously ICBB. Don’t even get me started on Chatbots.

AI is supposed to mean Artificial Intelligence not Assured Irritation.

But what a tragedy. If a marketer/business has got me to the point where I’m interested in a product or service and am willing to engage with them, what a disaster that ultimately ICBB to follow through? And I don’t complain (generally), I just move on to a competitor who makes my life easier. But what gets me really riled (beside the time wasted) is that the people who set these things up, and the people that run those organisations obviously don’t test the stuff on themselves! I don’t think that Adrian Gore from Discovery has ever had to find a form on his own website. Or an email address. Or a contact number. Or has sat through 35 minutes of voice prompts with not enough options or a real human to actually answer your question. Well Adrian, ICBB either.

Three Clicks

As a proposed solution, I like the online concept of the 3-click rule.

In a nutshell, the 3-click rule says that if users can’t find what they’re looking for on your site after three clicks, they’re likely to become frustrated and leave. I think the same rule needs to apply to every company interaction. If I can’t find what I’m looking or get to a point of completion after 3 steps, then ICBB and will likely just become frustrated and leave – probably to a competitor.

What’s this got to do with anything? Our company started its life as a brochure display company 26 years ago. Quite simple really, we place physical brochures in slots at around 3,500 strategically located display boards at places frequented by visitors. Getting information is quite simple – visitors go to the board, look at the brochures and then take the one that interests them. 3 very basic steps.

In 2020, driven by necessity and our “new normal”, we created a digital “contactless” solution at our visitor information boards.

Visitors Info

This solution consists of a unique QR code at every location with an option of providing the same information on the board to the visitor on their own device. My challenge was getting the user to their desired information as quicky as possible using the 3-click rule. No Apps. No pre-registration, authentication or verification. No forms to fill in. No ICBB. And so that’s what we did. The process we came up with is very simple; (1) open your camera on your device, (2) Scan the code with your device and (3) tap the notification. That’s it. In 3 steps you will have a local map and a nice selection places to Go, things to See and activities to Do – all displayed on your own device. Just scan, click and go. Try it here:

QR Code

So, if you’re being told to try this App or that search engine or whatever new marketing idea is out there, check first if it obeys the 3-click rule. Ours does. And it works. If you’d like to hear more please feel free to email me on sa@GoSeeDo.co.za or on my cell number +27(0)82 880 55986 using voice, message or WhatsApp. Let’s have a conversation.

I will get back to you in person, no forms, no voice prompts and no ICBB.