If only we all wore name tags

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Our neighbourhood Halloween event last Saturday was such a delight. Before we signed up to be one of the stops for the kids of the hood, we had to check with our own kid that she wasn’t writing anything on Monday (she is in the middle of Matric Finals). Luckily, she only had one exam during the week, so we were given the go ahead which I was v relieved about as we would’ve been sad to miss our last Halloween with child at home BOO hoo (see what I did there).

Our one neighbour confessed that her son saw the lack of decorations outside our house during the week and was v distressed because he thought we would not be celebrating. There was never any chance of that as we LOVE Halloween and have gone all out since we moved here 15 years ago. We put the decorations up late because it had been pissing down with rain during the week and we didn’t want Evil Angel and her cohort, Dead Baby and Groaning Ghoul to lose their voices.

I usually buy a new outfit for Halloween, when I say new outfit, I mean the ones in the R150 range that are made of material so synthetic, you don’t want to stand within 50 feet of a naked flame. Alas, I didn’t find anything I liked so I just cobbled together various witchy things from Halloweens gone by although I did find a divine hat at the Parkview Toy and Ballet shop and some nice new tape that looked like police tape.

The Husband wore his cloak and wig from the previous year and the daughter looked amazing as Patrick Bateman (from American Psycho). We had our music and set up some refreshments and encouraged all the young trick or treaters to take a “Hellfie” using our props and frame which was unbelievably cute.

Halloween 3
The chief bubble blower
The Lastborn as American Psycho Patrick Bateman
The Lastborn as ‘American Psycho’ Patrick Bateman

One new addition were bubbles, no not just the drinking kind, blowing bubbles. The husband was our chief bubble blower and I’m not sure who was having more fun, he or the kids.

I was determined NOT to spend fortunes on sweets, because I spent the GDP of a medium-sized country last year so this year, I spent half that amount and guess what? An hour into the trick or treating and the sweets had just about run out.

We couldn’t get to our cars because our table and the “Hellfie” frame was in the way, so the Lastborn booked a round trip uber (didn’t even know there was such a thing), startled the uber driver somewhat with her bloodstreaked face and went and bought emergency sweeties.

Aside: what the hell has happened to mini fizzers? I searched high and low for some – okay I went to Woolies, Spar, Checkers, the Plastic Shop and Game – and I could find Jackshit. MOST disappointing.

Drinks wise, I was quaffing that fantastic ‘light’ champers from Woolies – it really is such a win, especially if you have a long event and you don’t want to be completely shitfaced by the end of it.

Halloween 1

Lots of friends stopped by (lovely to see Amy H and her clan, Kim Mari and co and Nicky Cloete and fam) and we got to meet so many new neighbours who are starting out on their journey with their kids. I kept saying (rather dolefully):

‘Enjoy every moment, it’s over before you know it.’

They kept introducing themselves to me.

Me: Lovely to meet you but I will not remember your names tomorrow.

As predicted, I have forgotten them all. But I REFUSE to break out in a cold sweat when we meet on our neighbourhood walks. Just please, keep re-introducing yourselves to me – and not once – like ten times – and I will pretend I know you and say,

“Of course, I know who you are.”

Even though dear neighbours, we will both know that I am lying and I have absolutely no idea who you are.

Also, maybe wear name tags. Why doesn’t everyone wear name tags as a matter of course? Or just have your name written on your forehead in permanent marker.

Seriously, I think we can start a movement.

What was really touching was how many people thanked us for making the effort for their children, and one set of neighbours were extremely grateful we provided a pee stop for them and their kids.

Halloween 2

In turn, I would like to pass the gratitude on and thank the PRA – the Parkview Residents’ Association for organising this event. I know that these shindigs require a lot of planning, so BIG MWAH to you all. We loved it.

Book recommendations: due to the fact that I am now editing my memoir, I only seem to be reading memoirs so soz for you, but you will have to come on this journey with me. Not really soz at all as the one I’ve just finished, A Pocketful of Happiness by (eSwatini chap) Richard E. Grant is FABULOUS. It’s the story of his wife, Joan’s illness and death along with his Oscar journey and some thoroughly delicious name-dropping. Eg. Camilla and Prince Charles (calm down, he wasn’t King yet) send them lovely letters when they find out Joan is ill and even come to visit, and Nigella sends a meal around once a week. Although, is it name-dropping if these peeps are just your mates? Probably not.

Richard is a WONDERFUL writer, his vulnerability and genuine enthusiasm for life even in the midst of such heartbreak is frankly awe-inspiring. Plus, he is the biggest fanboy, his obsession with Babs Streisand is legendary and hilarious and totally endearing. Read this one and if you enjoy it (and how could you not??) do pick up his previous two memoirs With Nails and The Wah Wah Diaries. I see the man is going on book tour to Aus and NZ (yes, I stalk him on Twitter) I do hope he comes here too (hint, hint, HINT!)

A Pocketful of Happiness

That’s it for this week. Hope you have a wonderful week, happy reading! xxx