On The Road Again

On the road again in the uber van
In the uber van

On the road again…. Please don’t hate me but a few days ago we flew to Port Elizabeth and then went on to Plett where we’ll be for the next month. Why Plett in September, you may ask?

  • We have always wanted to go to the beach for an extended period to see what it’s like out of season and if we could live there.
  • We got the most ridiculously good price for the house. You will vomit if I tell you, so I won’t.
  • My husband needs to do business down here.
  • Did I mention the deal we got?
  • My daughter is an open water swimmer and has been pining to train in the ocean. She will be doing her school lessons via Zoom.
  • We got the most amazing deal.
  • I wanted a nicer view to look at when I work.
  • We are desperate to walk on the beach.
  • The deal we got.
  • Because we are able to do Zoom meetings and Zoom lessons and Zoom everything, we can go for a month. This is one of the blessings of the pandemic, being able to work remotely.

The flights and the car hire were also fairly reasonable, it would’ve been even more reasonable if we had only taken carry-on luggage but that was never going to happen. It was a bit dicey when we got to the airport because the daughter’s bag weighed 25 kilos and should’ve been 20 but she assured us it was  because of all her school books and not due to the fact that she had packed her entire wardrobe. Luckily, the lovely people at FlySafair did not make us pay extra.

Always room for books...
Always room for books…
There was a huge debate within the household as to whether we should take an Uber Black or an Uber Van to OR Tambo.

It was decided that an Uber black looks more swish but really doesn’t help in terms of accommodating three people and their ENORMOUS bags so I ordered an Uber Van. Not cheap, cost about R700 with a tip. The Gautrain for three of us would’ve been cheaper but a lot more PT with our HUGE bags. Uber does in fact point out that an Uber X or Uber Black is for taking two people to the airport. We never let that worry us in the past but in these times of the Rona, we don’t want to be breathing all over each other.

When we got to the airport, I expected a lot of hassle, but a security person waved us through and we did the normal check-in, although the husband is somewhat hard of hearing and with his buff over his ears, he could not hear a damn thing.

  • Check-in Person: Welcome to FlySafair.
  • Husband: Yes, our flight is at 2.45.
  • Check-in Person: Welcome to FlySafair
  • Husband: Yes, here are our IDs.
  • Check-in Person: No. I’m trying to welcome you.
  • Husband: Which form do you need?

After the daughter and I had finished cackling, I gently intervened and we made the husband take off the buff and put on a mask. Not sure why I was laughing as I have the same issue when I go into Cotton On (with teens, one spends quite a lot of time there). With the loud music and everyone wearing masks, I cannot hear a damn thing.

We were then starving and decided to go to Wimpy where we hardly ever eat anymore (unless we are driving down to Durban and stop at Harrismith at the famous Wimpy there.) That Wimpy brekkie bun with a large coffee is still one of my all time faves and SO DAMN CHEAP. Three hundred bucks for the three of us to eat including a generous tip.

Before you go through security, you have to hand in that weird form and they take your temperature.

I had a moment of anxiety – what if I had a temperature? Do they take hot flushes into account? Luckily, it was bloody freezing so I was okay. After that it’s through security – only difference is you have to scan your own ticket which wasn’t a problem. I did have a little pang about not being able to go to the Slow Lounge – I used to get a huge amount of work done there and I loved the coffee and choc croissants. But such is life. The plane was supposed to be delayed but it was only a teeny delay and we took off seven minutes later.

The plane was chockers
The plane was chockers
FlySafair are FANTASTICALLY punctual which made a nice change compared to other airlines whose names I shall not mention.

There are no refreshments on the plane and they do sternly say that you may not consume your own alcohol which did make me giggle and want to IMMEDIATELY whip out a hipflask. They do however give you water on request. We should’ve taken the water as not another sip passed our lips until about 8.30pm. The upside to no refreshments is that I could get out my laptop and get some work done. We landed early and despite all my husband’s wheedling, we didn’t manage to get an upgrade on our hire car so it was a bit of a squeeze but still it’s a very nippy VW Polo (did I mention how HUGE our bags are?)

No more magazines on the flights
No more magazines on the flights

We were last in Plett seven years ago and had forgotten that it’s quite a drive from PE. Much like Joburg, it takes FOREVER to get out of the city and on to the N2. Luckily, the sun sets later down here so there wasn’t too much driving in the dark. Plus we were driving into the sunset and there was the most spectacular moon to light our way.

We arrived at our MAGNIFICENT house at around 7.45pm and managed to set off the alarm.
Beautiful moon over the bay
Beautiful moon over the bay

But we finally got in after convincing the security company that we were not indeed robbing the place. The moon reflecting on the water looked like something out of a movie. We were all in raptures until loadshedding at eight brought us crashing down to earth. (It would be lovely if the letting agents made sure there were candles and matches available #justaying. It’s quite a downer arriving after travelling for eight hours to no power and phones just about out of juice.)

We popped to the local shop to grab some milk and rusks and then drove up the main street to see if anything was open and came across a stunning place called The Table Restaurant and Bar where the husband and I shared an absolutely delicious leek, bacon and feta pizza on the thinnest crust ever and the daughter had seafood pasta. They also served Chocolate Block BY THE GLASS which I was thrilled about. I’m a cheap drunk at the best of times so I love being able to get just one glass of decent wine.

We got home before curfew and the lights came on promptly at ten whereupon I tucked into my new book, Not To Mention by Vivian De Klerk (thanks to Pan Mac for my copy). STUNNING cover and I’m finding it completely intriguing – it’s about a morbidly obese young woman who hasn’t left her bed for two years because she literally can’t. I did try to go to the virtual launch on Tuesday night, only to discover that it’s actually next Tuesday. Vivian will be in conversation with the wonderful Michele Magwood. Don’t forget to register.

I have already read the ebook of Helen Moffett’s Charlotte but was thrilled to get the paperback from Jonathan Ball.

It is truly exquisite and should be in bookshops by now. We first meet Charlotte as a character in Pride & Prejudice – Helen has continued her story, and believe me, Charlotte is waaaaaaay sexier than we ever imagined.

On The Road Again Books
Movie recommendation
Movie recommendation

Movie suggestion: the husband and I watched Project Power last weekend on Netflix. The name itself intrigued me (anything with Power in the title has to be good) and I think it’s an interesting premise (you pop a cap that releases your power – but the power doesn’t always turn out to be a good thing and there are side-effects.)

Lurrrrve Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and really enjoyed the young actress and rapper, Dominique Fishback. I see a franchise looming, just hope for the sequel they tighten the script and capitalise more on the comedic abilities of the stars.

Happy spring day and happy reading! Xxx

Ps…I love coming to a place that has BOOKS. Immediately makes me feel at home.

On The Road Again - The books at the house...
The books at the house…
On The Road Again - The house even has a piano
The house even has a piano