Our People - Eastern Cape

Phrosne Phillips

Phrosnè Phillips

Franchisee - Brochure Management Eastern Cape

Brochure Management EC offers amazing real estate where you can display your marketing and information brochures. High traffic zone sites and popular activity sites, host brochure boards to choose from across South Africa. Make sure your brochure is out there and not stuck in a drawer in your office. Ensure that your brand and your offering is out there. With our new digital solution, we can make print talk to online and offer a whole new level of marketing by means of the QR code. Be sure to also enquire about our Corporate Marketing options as well as any print and design assistance.

The Get Fresh brand offers effective Event Health & Safety compliance, permissions and certification. Be the responsible event organiser and ensure compliance is on offer to delegates and participants. For big and small events, indoor and outdoor events Safety must always come First!

Tell us about the region/s you work in.

The Eastern Cape region stretched from Oyster Bay and Humansdorp in the West to Port Alfred in the east and then all the way to New Bethesda in the north. The main focus area is around Nelson Mandela Bay Port Elizabeth but also around the 3 major National Parks being Addo Elephant National Park, Camdeboo National Park and Mountain Zebra National Park

Tell us something not many people know about you.

I love the colour purple and hate insects

Tell us about your business, and about the people who work for you (if applicable).

I have 3 lovely passionate ladies working with me. They live the brand on a daily basis

When you think of your business, what is something that makes you PROUD?

We pride ourselves that we are always available for our clients and have our fingers on the pulse of each site in our region. We have a very good relationship with all our site hosts

Talk us through a normal day (pre-Covid-19) for you.

Our office is based in Mount Pleasant and offers more than enough space for storage and day to day operations. Riana is our admin lady and Janine and Mary Anne are on the road servicing sites and visiting the region as well as religiously entering stats and keeping all brochure up to date and in stock

How badly has Covid-19 affected you? Have you managed to access any relief funds? 

All my staff were put on short time before the lock down came into affect in March. Nobody is receiving salaries and are reliant on UIF TERS funding. I am lucky in that my landlord halved my rent for this period. I have never worked so hard for so little money as I have managed to hussle with various PPE items, signage, medical supplies etc related to Covid 19 just to make enough money in order to pay the rent and insurance at the office. I also don’t forsee that the staff will go back to full time working hours immediately but will continue with short time until the work justifies being able to pay full salaries.

What’s the first place you’d like to visit when #coronalockdown is over?

Cape Town

What measures have you put in place to protect your staff and clients once lockdown has eased?

PPE for staff, sanitizer and register for all people visiting the office. Luckily the layout of the office already meets social distancing criteria

Any recommendations for activities/companies in your area that are now operating?

Most businesses are operational in my area except tourism & hospitality related businesses

Where can potential clients get hold of you?

Cell: 0827835880 or email phrosne@brochuremanagement.com