Our People - Zululand

Hayley Ruddle

Franchisee - Brochure Management Zululand

Born and bred Zululander! I studied and lived in Cape Town for while until I realized my heart belongs to the bush. Going on nearly 8 years, the tourism and hospitality industry is where I belong.

Tell us about the region/s you work in.

Zululand – “The Heart and Pulse” of the Zuluand Kingdom! With great weather all year round, the region offers a variety of landscapes, from lush, subtropical  coastline washed by the warm Indian Ocean to our pristine forests teeming with birdlife. From sweeping savannah  dotted with luxury and public game reserves, to rolling hills steeped in the history of epic battles. With our abundant wildlife, our unique and diverse cultural heritage, or hundreds of kilometers of coastline – you will not be bored. Zululand is the perfect travel destination.

Tell us something not many people know about you.

There is not much to hide about me  – those who do know me or get to know find out very quickly what sort of person I am, my likes and dislikes. One thing though is that I love cooking and really want to enter MKR South Africa!

Tell us about your business, and about the people who work for you (if applicable).

I am new to Brochure Management South Africa. I provide brochure marketing and design along with digital marketing for clients in Zululand. At the moment I’m a “one man band” and sometimes rope my fiancé to help me with the little things.

When you think of your business, what is something that makes you PROUD?

I am a proud Zululander and nothing is better than travelling, meeting new people and experiencing new places.

Talk us through a normal day (pre-Covid-19) for you.

Other than travelling between sites and office work, I would be home on the farm. Spending time gardening with my succulents, taking the dogs for walks and baking koeksisters and biscuits for the farmstall.

How badly has Covid-19 affected you? Have you managed to access any relief funds? 

Being mostly tourism based my business has completely been paused. I only started BM Zululand in the beginning of March so I had nothing to show such as 3 months bank statements etc to apply for relief funding, which was not possible for me. I do have a part time job which has helped me along personally.  

What’s the first place you’d like to visit when #coronalockdown is over?

My family 😊 in Hluhluwe and Pretoria, other than that a weekend away to the bush and beach is in order. I’m thinking Utshwayelo and Tembe Elephant Park. Did you know, you can watch Tembe’s live webcam from their main hide.

What measures have you put in place to protect your staff and clients once lockdown has eased?

I will be following all precautionary measures such as wearing a mask at all times, sanitizing before and after meeting clients as well servicing sites. All site boards will be emptied and disinfected and new clean brochures will be put in with instructional display cards for appropriate handling of brochures and Perspex sheeting in front of each slot of brochures so they are covered. Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting will be done regularly.

Any recommendations for activities/companies in your area that are now operating?

At the moment it is only accommodation that is open for essential services and business travel.

Where can potential clients get hold of you?

They can contact me via email – zululand@brochuremanagement.com