Pub Day!

No, dear reader, this is not (necessarily) the day you go to the pub, it is the day your book comes out. Mine was supposed to come out on Tuesday, 7th March but when I popped along to a book launch last Thursday, there it was in all its glory at Exclusive Books, Hyde Park ABOVE Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare.

I felt very important and even more important when I saw the display in the window of Exclusive Books’s Rosebank Mall over the weekend. Yes, I am that sad person that runs around taking photos with my book. This is my fifth book, but seeing your book in bookshops never gets old.

Pic 2

The book launch we went to was for Kara Gnodde’s The Theory of (not quite) Everything. We are very excited about this book because Kara is a Joburg ghel and a UCT grad and this book is HIGHLY ANTICIPATED internationally so we are claiming her and are all basking in the reflected glory.

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The Plot to save SA

Kara was in convo with lovely friend and author, Kate Sidley and what a warm, funny conversation it was. We bumped into so many mates and publishing friends at the launch including the fabulous Pan Macmillan SA team and also old buddy, Justice Malala who has a new book out called The Plot to Save South Africa: The Week Mandela Averted Civil War and Forged a New Nation.

The thing about chatting with Justice, is that you never know who you’re going to meet, a chap approached wearing dark glasses and a hat, I thought to myself, gosh he looks familiar, did I perhaps work with him on a TV show? I mentioned this to the husband when we got home that night.

The Husband: of course he bloody well looked familiar, that was Tito Mboweni.

Oh dear.

On Saturday, we tried out ravishing new spot in Rosebank called Mama Samba. Our lovely waiter says they’ve been beyond busy and he’s making a shitload in tips which I found very cheering. It’s also no under 23s if you’re trying to avoid the student crowds.

I had a very good shaken margarita (tequila is their thang) which was delish and they do have couple of non-alcoholic cocktails which is great. Food wise we shared a couple of small plates: Jalapeño & Corn Croquetas, the Parillada Plate and Batatas Fritas with Chipotle mayo. Basically, delish corn croquettes, different kinds of steak and some fancy chips with the best mayo dip ever. Well, besides Hellman’s.


Yes, I am also in mourning because we can no longer get Hellman’s. I am eeking out my remaining jar. Overseas guests, you know what to bring me.


Today is also the day that the Franschhoek Book Festival programme goes live. I am on a panel with the fab Sara-Jayne Makwala-King and will be interviewing Gail Schimmel about her new book Little Secrets. The Lastborn should be joining me for the festival from UCT so I am massively excited and think it’s going to be a wonderful weekend.

Have a look at the programme here.

Book recommendations:

The Theory of (not quite) Everything. This tells the story of Mimi and her brother Art who are orphaned as young adults in a somewhat mysterious way. Art happens to be a maths genius (which reminded me of my godson, Kieran who is also very clever with the maths) and Mimi basically gives up her life to make sure he succeeds in his. The book deals with what happens when she decides she wants a life of her own. Art has his reservations about her lovair, Frank and the suspense in the book is fantastic as you wonder if Art is just being paranoid or if he has a point.

Parallel to this, the mystery of the parents’ demise is gradually revealed. Kara spoke at her launch about how this is not a typical love story as it also deals with sibling love. I lurrrrved this aspect of the book as I adore my sibs, and I feel like this is unexplored territory. This book reminded me of Scarlet Thomas’s books for some reason, but as Kate mentioned at the launch, it doesn’t really fit into any specific genre but is just utterly charming and a joy to read plus it’s completely unputdownable. Go and get your copy now.

Book TV 10 Mar

Film/TV recommendations:

We are halfway through watching Four Weddings and a Funeral the series on Showmax and how lovely it is. Poignant and hilarious with fab cameos from Andie Macdowell and the guy who had the ‘buggered me senseless’ line from the movie plus the gorg Dermot Mulroney turned up in the last couple of episodes. If you are looking for something light and funny, this series is for you.

Don’t forget, dear reader that it is my book launch on Tuesday. It’s quite dicey publishing a memoir as one can feel terribly exposed – although TBH sometimes we are more honest in fiction than we are in non-fiction – but lovely friend and author, Amy Heydenrych assured me that there was no need to have a vulnerability hangover as I hadn’t gone ‘all Prince Harry’ on everyone. Bwahahahahaha!!

The launch is at Exclusive Books, Rosebank. 6 for 6.30pm and I have the privilege of being interviewed by gorgeous friend, Sue Nyathi (her latest book is The Angel’s Demise.) And please don’t fret, just because it’s a #sobercurious memoir, doesn’t mean there won’t be any wine. There will be wine and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks and books and lovely chats with friends. Do join us. You can RSVP to

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Have a great weekend and happy reading! xxx