Chasing Marian

Happy Holidays Sq

Happy Holidays!

Happy Day of Reconciliation. We have reconciled with the neverendingness of loadshedding and have gotten solar panels. We haven’t had a gennie now for a couple of months (ours died and went to gennie heaven) so it has been absolute bliss being able to work and keep the fridge running during the power outages. Not …

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Pamela and Annie

Until We Meet Again…

It’s been a rather exciting week. First up, my son FINALLY got his police clearance certificate so that he can now head off on his gap year. It took FOREVER which although irritating is a relief to know that British schools are concerned about letting undesirables look after their kids. We eventually got fed up …

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Dream Launch

Since my last blog, I have: Watched a FANTASTIC version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Daughter’s school Had someone run a stop street in our beloved suburb and lightly t-bone the husband’s car Had an absolutely dream launch of our group novel Chasing Marian at Exclusive Books, Rosebank. Let me talk about the play …

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Sorry but they are both HOT FI

I know nothing

Around this time two years ago, the first Covid case was reported in South Africa. Now that we have finally had the first few nights without any Covid deaths reported, we seem to be in the recovery phase of the pandemic. However, sanitizing and wearing masks has become such a part of our lives that …

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Happy Pub Day to Chasing Marian!

It’s the official pub date of our novel Chasing Marian next Tuesday, March 1 – and no, that does not mean we all head to the pub (although we might) – it’s our publication date. FYI…in case you’ve missed my ENDLESS social media posts about it, Chasing Marian is about four strangers who decide they are going …

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