Happy Holidays Sq

Happy Holidays!

Happy Day of Reconciliation. We have reconciled with the neverendingness of loadshedding and have gotten solar panels. We haven’t had a gennie now for a couple of months (ours died and went to gennie heaven) so it has been absolute bliss being able to work and keep the fridge running during the power outages. Not …

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Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

I am writing this on our 29th Wedding Anniversary. Yes, contrary to popular belief, sometimes the man still buys the cow even when he can get the milk for free. (I am the cow in this scenario, dear reader). Although, besides my womanly wiles, I did offer the husband the prospect of dual citizenship which is …

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Dancing in the rain

Life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. Yes, yes, except I’m tired of the bloody rain now. Also, in Joburg, if we tried this, we’d probably get electrocuted in some big-ass lightning strike. It is true, however, about taking time to appreciate the little things …

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Choose your story

I used to work with someone in the TV industry who insisted that his was the only way to tell the stories we were working on. He was a very talented individual, so it pains me to say this, dear Reader but he was talking out of his bottom. There are many ways to tell …

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Yes. Even Covid.

Say Their Names

While we were busy complaining about 2020, 2021 was like “hold my beer” (but don’t drink it because he’s running out due to the booze ban). Don’t know about you guys but we had a very unmerry Christmas indeed. Let me share with you our tale of woe. T’was the night before Christmas (actually a …

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Beautiful jacarandas

A Hope Injection

A Hope Injection – Last week I was feeling very end-of-tetherish. It started with me having the stomach flu for five days, and of course work doesn’t let up and the deadlines kept coming so I had to keep writing even though I was about to keel over. The gastro was going on a bit …

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