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Things I find erotic:

Seeing it is the month of lurrrrrve, I thought I’d sex things up a bit and talk about the ten things I find most erotic: Apparently, boreholes are naughty because they lower the water table or something. I have no idea if this is indeed true and I still fantasise about a long, long, LONG…borehole. …

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The Salon Parkview

New Year, New Hair

I was about to have a major pity party for myself after saying goodbye to my Firstborn who returned to his job in the UK after three blissful weeks here at home. But as I was weeping and wailing and gnashing my teeth, my phone rang: The husband speaking through gritted teeth made me larf …

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Be Like The Boks

I remember reading something about how many people die in aeroplane crashes AFTER they’ve survived the crash landing. They’re so relieved or shocked or whatever when the plane finally stops, they just sit there and don’t get up and run for that damn emergency exit. Then they end up succumbing to asphyxiation or something else …

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