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Yes, I got my first Pfizer jab last Friday. If you are scared of needles as I am, you will be relieved to know that it didn’t hurt at all. I have to confess that I put on a slick of make-up and changed my shirt three times until I found a suitable off-the-shoulder number …

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Whatever sparks joy

Guys, I’m not going to blow smoke up your collective asses by pretending that things are great at the moment (even though some of you might enjoy the sensation. No judgies.) You know that point where you get dumped by a wave and you feel like you’re in a washing machine, and you can’t breathe …

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Feeling Meh

I have a distinct case of the mehs. I couldn’t be bothered to work on my WIP (work in progress ie. the novel I am currently writing), I just DON’T CARE. This is possibly due to the fact that we are in a pandemic and nothing creative seems terribly important in the face of people …

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Yes. Even Covid.

Say Their Names

While we were busy complaining about 2020, 2021 was like “hold my beer” (but don’t drink it because he’s running out due to the booze ban). Don’t know about you guys but we had a very unmerry Christmas indeed. Let me share with you our tale of woe. T’was the night before Christmas (actually a …

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