Eva Mazza

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Hold my tequila

I thought 2020 and 2021 were challenging, but yoh, 2022 has been like ‘hold my tequila, bitch, I will show you flames!’ Aside: ‘hold my beer’ seemed too mild. 2022 is defs on the hard tack. Also, tequila was the first booze I ever puked on. I still retch slightly when I smell it. I …

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Yes. Even Covid.

Say Their Names

While we were busy complaining about 2020, 2021 was like “hold my beer” (but don’t drink it because he’s running out due to the booze ban). Don’t know about you guys but we had a very unmerry Christmas indeed. Let me share with you our tale of woe. T’was the night before Christmas (actually a …

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