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Highlights of #FLF23

So many lovely things happened in the three days I was in Franschhoek, dear reader that it would be a looooong, boring tome if I had to tell you all of them. And before people start coming for me and I get cancelled on Booktok can I just say that ALL moments at #FLF23 were …

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Prince Nigel

Prince Nigel is poorly

Last week started off badly when we took Nigel along with Poppy to the vet for a routine visit. She has both anxiety and allergies, and Nigel just seemed a bit skinny. Some blood and urine tests later, we realised that Nigel’s kidneys were not in a good state, and he had lost a third …

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In praise of time off

Dear reader, last week I worked all hours god sent and was massively excited to get all my scripts submitted before we left for our whistle-stop tour to the coast which meant I had an ACTUAL weekend. Miraculous but true. I also turned down some work on the Thursday for which I think I deserve …

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Not Dry, Just Damp

Why is it, dear Reader, that one always gets a zit on one’s chin before an event? It really is one of life’s little mysteries. I am speaking of the zit I developed on my chin the day before the Royalty Soapie Awards. Our writing team was nominated but alas did not win, however two …

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Pamela Power

Pub Day!

No, dear reader, this is not (necessarily) the day you go to the pub, it is the day your book comes out. Mine was supposed to come out on Tuesday, 7th March but when I popped along to a book launch last Thursday, there it was in all its glory at Exclusive Books, Hyde Park …

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Dancing in the rain

Life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain. Yes, yes, except I’m tired of the bloody rain now. Also, in Joburg, if we tried this, we’d probably get electrocuted in some big-ass lightning strike. It is true, however, about taking time to appreciate the little things …

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Hold my tequila

I thought 2020 and 2021 were challenging, but yoh, 2022 has been like ‘hold my tequila, bitch, I will show you flames!’ Aside: ‘hold my beer’ seemed too mild. 2022 is defs on the hard tack. Also, tequila was the first booze I ever puked on. I still retch slightly when I smell it. I …

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Pamela and Annie

Until We Meet Again…

It’s been a rather exciting week. First up, my son FINALLY got his police clearance certificate so that he can now head off on his gap year. It took FOREVER which although irritating is a relief to know that British schools are concerned about letting undesirables look after their kids. We eventually got fed up …

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