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Whatever sparks joy

Guys, I’m not going to blow smoke up your collective asses by pretending that things are great at the moment (even though some of you might enjoy the sensation. No judgies.) You know that point where you get dumped by a wave and you feel like you’re in a washing machine, and you can’t breathe …

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Keep On Keeping On

I saw that fellow author, my twin Fred Khumalo (we are born on the same day) posted something about Stephen King feeling miffed that Tom Clancy was receiving more love (and cash) from their mutual publisher and so demanded an approx. 18 million dollar advance. Yes, you read that correctly. Eighteen million big ones and …

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Zoom Slut

Since the lockdown began, more and more stuff has been moving online. I’ve now participated in a three-day story meeting, a book launch, a book panel and a couple of Zoom calls with family. The launch of TWO MONTHS by Gail Schimmel Gail and I have great rapport so this was not a difficult one, …

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