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New Beginnings

Dear reader, this will be my last blog post for the foreseeable future. It will come back in another iteration, of that I’m sure but it’s goodbye for now. Why, you ask? Because we have sold the Go. See. Do. SA business to our Cape Town Manager, Alison Coughlan. Ali is an absolute tourism stalwart …

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Happy Pub Day to Chasing Marian!

It’s the official pub date of our novel Chasing Marian next Tuesday, March 1 – and no, that does not mean we all head to the pub (although we might) – it’s our publication date. FYI…in case you’ve missed my ENDLESS social media posts about it, Chasing Marian is about four strangers who decide they are going …

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Zoom Slut

Since the lockdown began, more and more stuff has been moving online. I’ve now participated in a three-day story meeting, a book launch, a book panel and a couple of Zoom calls with family. The launch of TWO MONTHS by Gail Schimmel Gail and I have great rapport so this was not a difficult one, …

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