Halloween 2

If only we all wore name tags

Our neighbourhood Halloween event last Saturday was such a delight. Before we signed up to be one of the stops for the kids of the hood, we had to check with our own kid that she wasn’t writing anything on Monday (she is in the middle of Matric Finals). Luckily, she only had one exam […]

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Boo Featured Image


It’s Halloween next week, which means I have signed up to have approx. 600 kids come past our house tomoz (wish me luck). Also, I should be recommending scary movies and books for your enjoyment. I, however, do not like scary movies or books so soz can’t help you there. I remember finding Nightmare on

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Halloween 1

Moana Lisa

We moan a lot about everything that’s wrong, don’t we? Well, I know I do. I’m totally fed up with power cuts and water cuts and the state of the roads in Joburg and I’ve started fantasizing about water tanks and gas generators and was even tempted to steal someone’s Jojo tank the other day

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