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Happy Pub Day to Chasing Marian!

It’s the official pub date of our novel Chasing Marian next Tuesday, March 1 – and no, that does not mean we all head to the pub (although we might) – it’s our publication date. FYI…in case you’ve missed my ENDLESS social media posts about it, Chasing Marian is about four strangers who decide they are going …

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Cocktail party for Pams Panellists at Love Books FLF KBF2018

In Praise of Literary Festivals

The Kingsmead Book Fair should have been taking place around now. I would’ve been teaching a scriptwriting workshop, schmoozing and taking selfies in the green room, not to mention attending a wonderful panel with Marian Keyes and Qarnita Loxton moderated by none other than Schim (Gail Schimmel). Alas it was not to be. I feel …

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