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Lockdown Level 2

Lockdown Level 2, alleluia! Obviously, the first major excitement was about ciggies and booze. Not that anyone I know stopped sourcing illegal alcohol and cigarettes during lockdown, they just paid a SHITLOAD of cash for it. Special shoutout to the homeless guy in Parktown North who made a KILLING on illegal ciggies during this time …

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Clare Pooley Profile

Clare Pooley – An Interview

I was sent a copy of Clare Pooley’s book THE AUTHENTICITY PROJECT by lovely Lauren from Penguin Books SA. I fell in love with the book and started stalking Clare on Twitter (as one does) and discovered that she’d also written a memoir called THE SOBER DIARIES which I immediately downloaded. Besides writing one of …

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Joy of Rereading Square

The Joy of Rereading

I have been mulling over the topic of rereading since Schim (author Gail Schimmel) mentioned that she had started rereading Grown Ups by Marian Keyes (may I add that this was a couple of weeks after she finished reading it the first time. Schim is a professional Marian fan). I am a chronic rereader, which …

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