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New Beginnings

Dear reader, this will be my last blog post for the foreseeable future. It will come back in another iteration, of that I’m sure but it’s goodbye for now. Why, you ask? Because we have sold the Go. See. Do. SA business to our Cape Town Manager, Alison Coughlan. Ali is an absolute tourism stalwart …

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Parkwords 2022

Friday, 23rd No power for half the f*cking day. A computer battery that lasts all of 45 minutes. Tralalalala! Headed to the Service Station where I was greeted with hugs and plied with a large cappuccino and a delish choc brownie before getting down to work. Alas, but their power then went out at 10. …

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The week that was

This week we had a radio interview on Mix FM with the lovely Lundi “Khoisan” Cavernelis for #ChasingMarian which was supposed to happen on Tuesday in-studio but ended up happening later on in the week over Zoom because poor Lundi fell ill. I was simultaneously supposed to be in a story meeting on Tuesday so it was …

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Live and Let Live

Last week in Woolies Rosebank, a woman was not social distancing in the queue and stood right next to me, I mean so close, we could’ve been dating. I had to turn around and say, “Social distancing, please.” Afterwards, I felt mortified (like that prissy school prefect who always reported you for wearing the wrong …

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