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Happy Holidays Sq

Happy Holidays!

Happy Day of Reconciliation. We have reconciled with the neverendingness of loadshedding and have gotten solar panels. We haven’t had a gennie now for a couple of months (ours died and went to gennie heaven) so it has been absolute bliss being able to work and keep the fridge running during the power outages. Not …

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Chasing Marian Featured Image

Happy Pub Day to Chasing Marian!

It’s the official pub date of our novel Chasing Marian next Tuesday, March 1 – and no, that does not mean we all head to the pub (although we might) – it’s our publication date. FYI…in case you’ve missed my ENDLESS social media posts about it, Chasing Marian is about four strangers who decide they are going …

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What if Featured Image

What if…

I have been part of many, many, MANY brainstorms over the years for the various TV shows I’ve worked on – too many to count. When we are brainstorming the storyline, we might suggest a particular scenario that we want to see playing out and then we’ll take the story to (what we would consider …

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Sober No Drinking

Curiously Sober

I’m writing this after having my first glass of wine in 101 days. I have embarked on a ‘sober curious’ journey which I am intending on pursuing for the next year. What prompted this, I can hear you ask, given my deep, deep, DEEP love of a good glass of red wine or prosecco? Well, …

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