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Prince Nigel

Prince Nigel is poorly

Last week started off badly when we took Nigel along with Poppy to the vet for a routine visit. She has both anxiety and allergies, and Nigel just seemed a bit skinny. Some blood and urine tests later, we realised that Nigel’s kidneys were not in a good state, and he had lost a third …

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The Worrying Is Forever

I didn’t believe people when they told me that I would get used to the empty nest AND even enjoy it. But the truth is you do get used to it. For example, you get used to not having to worry overly about supper. The husband flings a couple of chicken breasts into the airfryer, …

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Death of a writer

Death of a TV Writer

The TV writer lay on her death bed. Clustered around her were the writing team, many of whom she had taught and mentored over the years. She was moved to see them all gathered around her, keeping vigil. She waited expectantly for them to tell her how much she meant to all of them. She …

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Life Skills

Lifeskills SA Style

As you read this, we will be on a plane to Cape Town taking the Lastborn to university. We are both sad and relieved. Sad because we will miss her, relieved because since the Lastborn returned from safari in Zimbabwe (where she apparently earned the MVP award for her ability to jol), there has been …

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The Dreaded Matric Results

Dear Reader, this has been quite a packed week for me as not only did I have to get the final, final, FINAL edits in on my memoir, but the Lastborn returned from safari in Zimbabwe (thank you Wilderness Destinations for her wonderful trip) AND got her matric results AND celebrated her crown birthday (she …

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It’s Halloween next week, which means I have signed up to have approx. 600 kids come past our house tomoz (wish me luck). Also, I should be recommending scary movies and books for your enjoyment. I, however, do not like scary movies or books so soz can’t help you there. I remember finding Nightmare on …

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