The Death of the Bird


Everyone has been in a complete state this past week over the supposed demise of Twitter since our boi, Elon took over. It hasn’t gone down yet so fingers crossed it keeps going for a little while longer because after complaining bitterly about what a cesspool it is, we’ve all since realised how much we LOVE the stupid little blue bird and that many of us would never have met – particularly in the bookish community – if it weren’t for Twitter.

A good example of this is how I recommended a book by Jess Lourey last week. I tagged her on Twitter, she replied to me and it was really quite a delightful exchange. The immediacy of being able to connect with someone who lives halfway across the world from you and whose book you’ve loved is quite my favourite thing about Twitter.

The stupidity, cruelty, racism, misogyny and homophobia on the app is not quite as appealing. But in these cases, the mute and block buttons are your friends. Mute for stupid, block for everything else. And remember, you do not have to comment, you can just scroll on past. Your fingers will be itching but don’t do it, SCROLL ON PAST.

The death of the bird was making tweeps quite reckless last Friday night (when it was supposed to go tits up), there was a carpe diem feeling in the air. People were admitting to all sorts of things, revealing deep dark secrets and declaring their love for their Twitter crushes. I buried my head in the sand and refused to even consider the fact that it might be in its death throes and for me it was business as usual (i.e. tweeting about #TheEstateOn3).

Some people are moving across to Mastodon, another Twitter-like app (apparently, they have TOOTS not TWEETS), I got myself an account and then was overcome with ennui and couldn’t be bothered to take it any further than that.

Pic 1

Would it matter if the bird died? Well, to a lot of writers, it would. I am shockingly dependent on social media, it’s really my connection with the world when I’m working. And let’s be honest, when am I NOT working?

I get a lot of news from Twitter, but I keep up with family and friends, especially those who live far away, on Instagram and Facebook. I might not post often, and most of the time I forget to post birthday messages (SORRY) but do not fear, I am stalking you all and I know what you’ve been up to *cue evil cackle*. I tried to follow my own children on insta but they both promptly blocked me, luckily I have spies all over the app who keep me updated (Mommy IS watching, kids.)


I’ve also become quite the Tiktok addict, I watch the videos of various mediums who tell me that apparently all my dreams are about to come true, and that success is coming now now, I just have to hold on a bit longer.

I choose to believe them.

I’ve also followed the terminal illness of an Aussie woman called Teed whose journey with ALS displayed such grace, courage and vulnerability as well as a kickass sense of humour that I was quite in awe. I felt like I’d lost a family member when she passed away.

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As a devoted Swiftie, I’ve been enjoying the snippets of Taylor Swift’s new songs. Her song Love Story gets used a lot in proposal videos – I highly recommend these if you’re feeling a bit blah. Hey, even if 50% of the marriages end in divorce, at least they have these amazing videos amirite? I also find the comedy on the APP a lot of fun, particularly young comedians Matt Rife and Taylor Tomlinson – although Matt does shock me a little bit.

You may have noticed a “#booktok made me read it” section at Exclusive’s. I highly recommend this hashtag on Tiktok, I’ve found some great reads through it, and you can search for South African #booktok too. When Twitter was about to vrek, I thought I’d better get with the programme, so I made a video (ONE SINGLE VID, applause please), but I really don’t know what I’m doing, and it seemed like an enormous amount of effort compared to just firing off a tweet or two.

Naledi His Love

At the moment, I’m hoping that our boi from Pitori is going to keep the blue bird going. Even if he’s just doing it so he can reinstate his bestie, D. Trump’s account (vom in mouth). Yes, Twitter might not fold, but it might just become so objectionable under Elon that we may all be forced to migrate elsewhere. Ah well…it is a lesson in non-attachment and it was fun while it lasted.

TV/Movie recommendations:

I have tried to watch the latest Christmas movies but have not managed to get through one yet, they’ve all been excessively terrible. I guess it’ll be back to the old favourites:

Tv Recommendations

    Book recommendations:

    Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan. I love how this book came to be: Jennifer apparently tweeted Jodi saying ‘hey, let’s write a book together’ and so they did. During lockdown. The novel follows the story of Olivia who has left an abusive marriage and then has to cope with the fall out when her son gets arrested for murdering his girlfriend. Don’t start this one late at night, you will be so desperate to finish it, you will get no sleep.

    I adore a book that is well-written, with a thoughtful take on social issues and brilliant suspense. If that sounds like your cup of tea, this one is for you. A great holiday read and a fab gift. Thank you to the lovely Helen Holyoake and Exclusive Books for my copy.

    Mad honey

    A month to Christmas, everyone! Remember that #signedbooksmakethebestgifts and go forth and buy. Happy reading xxx