Weekend Breakaway

Swellendam with credit

A quick weekend breakaway from the city, with a lot of eating by Go See Do Cape Town.

Capetonians believe all roads lead to Cape Town, which is great (and true) … unless you want to get out of town for a long weekend, then Capetonians use those same roads to dash for the countryside on a Friday afternoon and a trip which usually takes 2 hours, suddenly becomes a 5 hour drive. However, if your destination is Swellendam and surrounds, it is well worth the effort. You will be forgiven for sipping and supping your way around this lush region with excellent restaurants, award-wining wineries and quirky padstals.

Some of our favourites include:


Arriving so late into town (and starving), panic set in as it was closing time for many of the restaurants. However a quick phone call and dash to our favourite pizza destination and the kitchen was kept open for us. The pizzas are ridiculously good. The hundreds of adoring reviews online will give you some indication of the level of consistent deliciousness. There is also comfy accommodation available. theearlybird.co.za


Eggs benedict at Greenlands
Eggs benedict at Greenlands

Stopping for breakfast on our journey to search for fine wine almost became an all-day affair after finding Greenlands Farm. It takes time to explore the nooks and crannies of the shed / restaurant / shop. For those who remember the painted Cow Parade of 2004 you’ll be delighted for find one of those very cows situated in the shed watching over diners. The breakfast was sublime, all ingredients are locally sourced, free range. There is farm accommodation available which we will be using for our next breakaway and we’ll be taking on the lunch menu. https://www.greenlandsfarm.co.za/


Zandvliet platter and tasting
Zandvliet platter and tasting

And so we found our fine wine. Relaxing in the tasting room, nibbling on cheese platter while working our way through a series of one delicious wine after the other supplied by a knowledgeable, friendly server. We did purchase a case of our new favourite Zandvliet Muscat. https://zandvliet.co.za/





Platform 52
Platform 52

We headed for the wine boutique where you can be assured you’ll find something special. Sourced directly from the wine farms, the prices are excellent and not limited to wines. Brandies, whiskeys, ports are also available. And so we left with a boot full! https://www.platform62.co.za/about-platform-62-and-restaurant/


Grace and Merci
Grace and Merci

Sunday morning, and another sumptious breakfast, this time in Swellendam. Sitting outside on the verandah, opposite the ‘groot kerk’ is a good start to a day. The menu epitomises the venue, natural, fresh and welcoming. There is an outdoor play area and dogs are welcome, very handy if you’re on a long trip up the N2. https://www.visitswellendam.co.za/grace-merci




We simply never leave the area without a visit to Tredici. Conveniently sitting alongside the N2, that’s where the hustle and bustle of a national road stops. Tredici is a haven of elegance, simplicity and charm and darn good food, My favourite being the Risotto cake with bacon, soft eggs and sweet pepper sauce (you can thank me later). Warning, do not hang around the bakery counter, decadent delights end up in your car! http://tredici.co.za/

Three days is not enough, we’ll be back to work our way through more menus!

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